Sunday, January 17, 2010


Those who walk through the wrong door at airports should go to jail, no exceptions!

The big dumb model of US security upsets the applecart regularly for the crime of being human. Of making mistakes everyone makes, of simply being empty-headed.

It is a terrible way to run a country, a rotten way to run anything.

"Police have arrested the man they say was behind a security breach Saturday at JFK Airport that forced the evacuation of a busy terminal," reported AP here.

"The Associated Press cites a Port Authority spokesman, identifying the man as Jules Paul Bouloute of Brooklyn. They say the Haitian man was returning to the city from Haiti.

"Officials say Bouloute was getting off a flight when he walked through a restricted door, which is only supposed to be used by airport workers."

One might think to cut the man some slack for walking through the wrong door, even if he was being rude. Rudeness being part of the human condition, too.

Two-minutes of finger-wagging and stern talk might be appropriate.

But no.

"He's charged with criminal trespass and is expected to be arraigned today," the story informs.

Then there's the standard outpour of the pure milk of human kindness, little or no tolerance for inconvenience and disturbance, mainly caused by the US model of security, not a man who walked through a wrong door. He was only the trigger..

Recall the fellow is from Haiti. Might he have been distracted by the week's affairs?

"Well it happens. I just hope that somebody gets caught. Put them in prison for doing this kind of stuff," one airline passenger is quoted as saying.


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