Friday, April 27, 2007

GENERAL PHYSICAL FITNESS: Waves hands for the evening news

The heavy rucksack of the obvious I'm about to sell you is yea big.

General Physical Fitness, using emphatic hand gestures learned in a Dale Carnegie course on how to make friends and influence people, reported things were very tough in Iraq. Stiffs in the news pool looked dumbly on.

David Petraeus, said to be the most brilliant man in the US military, resembling T.E. Lawrence and loaded with the stamina to perform more push-ups than others, went before the newsmedia, again, to tell us what we already know. Heads nodded sincerely. If he were a high school superintendent, many in assembly would now be able to imitate his special mannerisms. Hint: Use the word "rucksack" frequently, too.

You shoulda seen the catfish I hooked on the Euphrates yesterday. It was yea big! Older pic.

Iraq, a country the size of California, is yea big.

The hand-outs for the Dale Carnegie Course on How to Win Friends & Influence People were yea big!

The rucksacks I like most are about yea big.

The same thing from General Physical Fitness, a couple months ago.


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