Friday, November 10, 2006

WHO NEEDS A-BOMB PLANS ON THE NET: On recent nuke cookbook mania

The mainstream newsmedia is too fond of articles in which it is said some flavor of demonical terror menace can be put together from cookbooks found on the Internet.

They constitute news stories as the equivalent of whoopee cushions for the emission of a thrilling farting noise, pieces of a kind in which critical-thinking and common sense are shown the door. Always, they are instantly copied to other outlets and pasted into congressional and terror expert analyses as footnotes, in support of official declarations that the enemy is out there and capable of anything -- like tomorrow -- and you must be always afraid and vigilant.

From El Reg, today:

Predictably, the Nov. 3 New York Times revelation that sensitive documents on a-bomb design, recovered from Saddam Hussein's regime and released on-line, became a political football. If there was value in it, as opposed to red meat for Democrat blogs, it was swept away by the mania inspired by a Times source, one anonymous diplomat, who was quoted as claiming them to be a "cookbook" of methods.

An eye-rolling statement, it was used to rip Republicans. And they had it coming, enamored as the GOP has become of declaring that about half the United States' citizens are unpatriotic slugs who want to lose the war.

Read the rest of it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard about kid in my town who came to do a "show & tell" on "How to make an atomic bomb". He had sketches and all the details, but couldn't explain them too well. It was a blueprint downloaded from Kazaa, about 30 pages...

9:42 AM  

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